Core Strengths

  • Exceptional acceptance rate of over 90%
  • Proactive passive candidate sourcing
  • Deep industry knowledge within our niche
  • Longevity in a fluctuating market
  • Cultural, organizational & functional fit analysis
  • Validated psychometric assessments + onboarding support
  • Customized search models to meet specific hiring needs
  • W/DBE certified, ready to meet teaming goals

Get to Know Us

Redmond Consulting, Inc. is an independent search firm operating within North America’s engineering, planning & operations markets, encompassing technology, consulting & support organizations. Our focus is on the transportation infrastructure verticals. This intentional niche, along with over 19 years of experience & a first-hand knowledge of the marketplace makes us an invaluable asset in selecting the finest mix of talent for your organization.

Our recruitment & placement efforts extend across a broad range of roles and positions, including executive management, business development, & project management, as well as technology professionals who operate within the transportation consulting sphere.

We know how the right individual in the right position can propel your competitive advantage. By focusing on our specialty, we nurture our understanding of the dynamic business landscape you operate within. It’s not only our job to comprehend your business, but also to possess deep perspectives about your customers & your competitors. All of these contexts, consisting of multiple “big picture” variables, are critical elements to consider when searching for the best match.

On an organizational level, we also consider the framework of your operations. A new hire, whether in management, operations or sales, is only one part of the whole. This person must fit the organization, business line, office, team, & clientele. An improper fit on any of these levels can translate into a short tenure, which is never the goal of a critical hiring decision.

We know the professionals who populate your industry, and can reach deeply into our network to provide carefully screened candidates who are assessed with an eye on your functional, organizational, & cultural needs. While you may find that a ‘technical’ fit pulled from a stack of resumes can get the job done, a ‘cultural’ fit discovered through our unique combination of the art & science of professional search produces a valuable, enduring partnership.


Josie Summa
Josie SummaPresident & Principal Search Consultant

“Every day I have two customer populations that I look forward to serving: Companies who hire me in the search capacity and individual professionals who populate my market space.”

Lisa Haynes
Lisa HaynesResearch & Marketing Manager

“My goal is to launch lasting partnerships by making new connections and strengthening existing ones. I want every person I encounter to feel listened to and understood.”