Can You Afford a Bad Hire?

Your calendar is jammed, and now it’s time to make a critical hire…
There is more than one way to accomplish this feat. But when you lean on Redmond Consulting, you’ll attract the best talent available. And you’ll get it done with the least amount of wear and tear on you and your organization.
We reach deep into our pool of prospects, and you’ll meet carefully screened candidates who are expertly vetted. Our network includes individuals who are not actively looking for a job, but who pick up the phone when we call. They know a call from Redmond Consulting signals an opportunity they want to hear about.
By getting to know your organization, its culture and its needs, we tell your story to the talent best qualified to contribute to your success.
As niched search consultants, Redmond Consulting serves the same verticals you serve. We have cultivated, grown, and nurtured our connections for 20 years. We listen to and get to know the professionals who populate your (our) market space.
Redmond Consulting delivers several tiers of service to meet your specific hiring requirements. We can also scale our search activity to accommodate multiple hiring assignments.
We mix the art and science of executive search to give you result-driven, personalized recruiting packages. Please call us to learn more.