Redmond Consulting helps consultants and solutions providers identify the right talent at the right time. If you have a strategic need for a tech-savvy individual who also understands airport operations (airside or landside), we should be your first call.
Vehicle transportation facilities comprise the vast majority of our nation’s infrastructure. Redmond Consulting can assist on searches connecting technology with any surface transportation service.
We understand the differences between public, freight and industrial rail clients. And we understand the vast amounts of technology upon which their safe and efficient operation depend. We support consultants and solution providers in the wayside, on the vehicle, and in the back office.
Our nation’s ports are the gateway to global commerce. We help clients focused on maintaining smooth and secure operations — both portside and during drayage — by providing talent who understands these challenges.

Market Segments

  • Planning & Policy
  • CM / PM
  • Alternative Delivery
  • Design
  • NEPA
  • Architecture
  • Systems & Operating Technologies
  • Modeling
  • Asset Management
  • Transaction Advisory
  • Operations Consulting
  • Security & Resiliency


  • President / CEO
  • Executive Leader — SVP, VP, AVP
  • Sales / Business Development Leader
  • Department Manager
  • Principal Consultant
  • Chief Engineer / Senior Engineer
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Senior Analyst / Advisor
  • Management Consultant
  • Technology Professional