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Since 1999, Redmond Consulting has recruited the talent that shapes our mobility infrastructure. Today, that infrastructure is being used in new and innovative ways. Efficiency has increased and mode choice has expanded. Our specialized recruiters stay on top of these trends, and we stay connected to the people setting them. Our relationship-based recruitment process leads to the right fit for the job & the organization. We offer several custom packages to meet different hiring needs – Retained Executive Search, Engaged Search & Contingency Search.

Recruiting is personal and interactive. It requires engagement and trust. Though we make use of the latest and greatest technology, we don’t allow tech to replace time spent getting to know our clients and candidates. Long-term relationship building is the cornerstone of our success.

“Brainy service” is what our clients call it. They love getting market intelligence, organizational development insight, and coaching for hiring from us. We can help with a single strategic hire or cultivate pipelines for repetitive hiring needs. We’re also certified to provide validated psychometric assessments, and we can help you ensure a successful onboarding process.

When it’s important to hire someone who understands your customers’ operations, we can help.

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