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Since 1999, Redmond Consulting has recruited the talent that shapes our mobility infrastructure. Today, that infrastructure is being used in new and innovative ways. Efficiency has increased and mode choice has expanded. Our specialized talent search consultants stay on top of these trends and stay connected to the people behind them. Our relationship-based recruitment process means putting key search assignments in our hands leads to the right fit for the job and for your organization. We offer several service tiers to meet differing recruiting needs – Retained Executive Search, Engaged Search & Contingency Search.

When it’s important to hire someone who understands your customers’ operations, we can help.
Recruiting has traditionally been a personal, interactive, engaging craft. We believe it’s important to keep it this way. Though we do make use of the latest and greatest technology, we don’t allow it to replace time spent getting to know our clients and candidates. Long-term relationship building is the cornerstone of our success.
“Brainy service” is what our clients call it. Leverage our deep resources and expertise in market intelligence support and organizational development, or take advantage of our thoroughly cultivated networks to build candidate pipelines for repetitive hiring needs. We are certified to provide validated psychometric assessments, and can work with you to ensure the onboarding process is successful.

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