Dear Candidate

You’ve worked hard to accomplish amazing things, and you’ve filled your career toolbox with an enviable cache of skills and experience. Now may be the right time to look at new horizons, new challenges. It can be risky, though, to put yourself out there, even subtly, in the “social era.”

Redmond Consulting handles job searches according to its rigorous ethical standards and best practices, placing you in the center of a confidential process handled with great care and sensitivity. With over 15 years of experience in your market space, our consultants possess the right network of contacts to make things happen for you, and we communicate directly with decision makers on your behalf.

We get to know you as a professional. As recruiters who also understand your industry, its constituents and its organizations, we can skillfully screen opportunities for you. We can also identify “hidden” jobs which match your criteria and skills as we continuously nurture our A/E/P network and keep our ears close to the ground. In fact, at least 50% of the hires we facilitate are “strategic hires,” meaning the positions do not actually exist at the time and are created for the candidates we represent.

When you are ready to make your interest known, we prepare you for the crucial first meeting and for each successive meeting, serving as your coach and partner throughout the process. Your job is to earn an offer; ours is to ensure it’s one you can readily accept.



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