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Drew Carey 16 Miles, 1.5 hours and PPP

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When it comes public opinion regarding toll roads -- private or public -- cynical rejection often precedes thoughtful consideration of the facts. What is your opinion of this video, produced by and hosted by Drew Carey? Do you think it is successful in presenting its pro-privatization, pro-toll point of view?

The Rock Stars Among Us

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Upon first recognizing the gravity of the STEM shortage and what it means to the civil engineering industry, I wondered why other countries produce so many students interested in studying engineering in the U.S. After an informal survey and some anecdotal discussions, I concluded that the supply issue has a lot to do with demand. Young people in the U.S. want to run after what we have taught them to value: the glamour of obscene internet riches, Wall Street largess, professional sports paychecks, and the superstardom of Hollywood and reality-TV.