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Josie Summa is President & Principal Search Consultant at Redmond Consulting, Inc., a professional search firm operating within the engineering, planning and consulting markets serving public transportation in North America.

The Ears Have It: Phone Interview Mojo

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I realize I am better at phone interviews than in-person interviews. I always thought this was a personal deficit, but after some dedicated inquiry, I have learned from mental health professionals and others in the psychological sciences that creating figurative or literal boundaries between two people can actually facilitate communication in certain cases.

Comparing the Presidential Candidates on Infrastructure

By |2019-02-03T21:36:06-05:00October 10th, 2012|

Whomever is elected president in November will face the challenge of meeting critical infrastructure needs with increasingly strained resources. While President Obama and Mitt Romney differ in their philosophical approaches to solving infrastructure and transportation problems, both have established track records of supporting needed public works projects and taking steps to encourage funding.

Drew Carey 16 Miles, 1.5 hours and PPP

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When it comes public opinion regarding toll roads -- private or public -- cynical rejection often precedes thoughtful consideration of the facts. What is your opinion of this video, produced by and hosted by Drew Carey? Do you think it is successful in presenting its pro-privatization, pro-toll point of view?