“At the core of my service are real people with real lives. As I help my clients pursue their business interests, I simultaneously help individuals to achieve their full potential. To me, this is both rewarding and worthwhile.”

Josie enjoys guiding individuals and organizations through the search and placement process. Having operated within the A/E/P space for over 17 years, she understands what combinations of skills, capabilities, and characteristics match her clients’ organizational needs.

Josie received her Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the University of Virginia where she studied marketing and public relations. Before pursuing a career in executive search, Josie was a marketer of professional services, including accounting and IT. In this capacity, she worked closely with business and industry leaders, discussing their service needs and learning first-hand what qualities organizations seek in potential employees.

In 1996, she joined a Fortune 500 recruitment firm in Tampa and quickly elevated within the search hierarchy to manage the operation. It was through this experience that she honed her skills in search, operations management, and business development.

In 1999, Josie emerged from a six-day hiking trip in the depths of Olympic National Park with a determination to do what inspires her most — help her clients build top-shelf teams by guiding them through hiring decisions that fill an immediate void yet also make long-term sense. Josie borrowed a name from that trip, and later that year Redmond Consulting, Inc. was born.